Now is the best time…

Take the first step and never look back.

Ahoy Pirates!

I’ve experimented with so many ways to create content it’s mind-boggling.

I’ve experienced so many trends come and go.

I was involved in tech before the tech bubble burst. (Vintage)

I know people who made a lot of money and lost it.

And, anytime I started to create and experiment on a new platform, it started the same way every time.

At The Beginning

Taking the first step.

Reaching deep down and knowing you’re expanding your comfort zone.

It's not bad, and it is scary when you first expand past your comfort zone.

Sometimes, we just need a way to talk through our challenges and take action.

That’s why I created The Pirate Syndicate.

And the Pirate Crew

MY MISSION: Help More People Help More People.
#kindnessiscool @smilesarefree

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Obstacles Are Opportunities

Be Different - Be Kind - Be a Pirate

Till Tomorrow,

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